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Welcome to A$$ET merch.  If you are a solo artist/band who sells merch (or about to start) are in the right place.  A$$ET merch is about to rock the industry helping musicians drive never-before-seen merch sales(See FAQ #1)


PRINT SHOPS, Wholesale t-shirt reps & Promoters...this site is great for you too.  Why?  If your band client is making more money....SO....ARE....YOU!  (See FAQ #4)


MERCH LOVERS....(Coming'll have your own page!)(See FAQ #8, 9)

Stay with us a few minutes, roll through the FAQ’s. 


The site will be simple for a little longer before our Q2-Q3 2024 launch.  But the real meat & potatoes is below.  Take a bite, get your appetite ready for what’s coming!


Scott Simpkins, Owner/Founder 

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  • 1. What are A$$ET merch’s "3 WHATS" goals?
    Surprisingly, A$$ET merch neither makes nor sells merch AT ALL. Instead, A$$ET merch will drive MORE people to buy MORE of their favorite bands’ merch. Through its proprietary use of an existing technology, A$$ET merch will inject a jolt of energy to the already massive space of “band merch”. A$$ET merch is designed to generate 3 “WHATS” for the band & management: #1: Dramatically increased merch unit sales…immediately. #2: Notably higher concert ticket sales..because A$$ET merch will only be available at a concert. #3: Soon after starting on the system, RESIDUAL revenue will begin to flow...effortlessly.
  • 2. How much does it cost to use the A$$ET merch platform?
    Simply put…nothing. Knowing that’s hard to believe, we’ll get straight to explaining how it works. 1. We communicate with the band to determine its merch revenue baseline trend. 2. We agree to a revenue increase “trigger point” 20% above the baseline. 3. Once the band’s merch revenue exceeds the “trigger point”, a revenue-share schedule is activated. Put it this way…A$$ET merch starts making money ONLY AFTER the band is making MORE MONEY beyond the "trigger point"--clean, simple, & fair.
  • 3. What happens if A$$ET merch fails?
    "Suppose our band partners with A$$ET merch, and for whatever reason, it doesn't generate the expected revenue increases. What's our cost just to fail?!" A$$ET merch must first fund the build-out of a robust app & data management platform. The build-out is OUR RISK--bands are not on the hook. If A$$ET merch fails, the band's merch sales would occur as usual. Worst case--there might not be an UPSIDE, but there's literally NO DOWNSIDE. We would simply cease the effort…no harm, no foul. But knowing how much people love band merch, we’re extremely confident there will be a substantial upside. This means two (2) great & very fair things-- There is no risk, & no out-of-pocket upfront cost to the band. From baseline to trigger point is PURE INCREASE to the band & its Promoters!
  • 4. Does a band have to “dump” its current merch system?
    You might be wondering about this, so let’s put it to bed! "This new revenue sounds greatl…but is A$$ET merch going to disrupt everything we're doing & take over our merch? We like our merch platform…we love our art team, our blanks wholesaler & rep have been awesome, & our print shop has come through BIG for us on deadlines more than once….we don't want to change what we're doing." Nothing changes! You use your same-- Merch artist Print shop Wholesale blanks source Promoter/Management
  • 5. HOW will A$$ET merch achieve its “3 WHATS” goals?
    It just takes 1 simple tactical addition to your merch by your own print shop (remember FAQ #4...nothing changes). Our high-powered data management platform will do the rest. Still being in the pre-launch phase, we must PROTECT our proprietary development. We can't divulge the full inner workings upon request. But think of it this way. We don't have to know the inner workings of a Coke machine before we get a can out of it. That said, if you (and/or your Promoter) need to know the inner workings, we have a 2-page Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement (NDCA) to execute (see FAQ #10).
  • 6. How will “Letters Of Intent” (LOI) speed up the launch?
    When your band wants to move forward, you'll sign a Letter Of Intent (LOI) stating you're ready once we finish the build-out. Once we have 15-20 LOI's, we can commit to our "big spend" on the data management platform build-out. A faster LOI list means a faster launch, & increased revenue sooner for your band. Help us help you! Alerting other bands you know means we reach our needed 15-20 LOI's faster. This helps everyone! But BE CAREFUL, don't miss out on being in the Flagship 10 (see next FAQ). If you tell all your band buddies about A$$ET merch before doing your LOI, they might be more decisive...and beat you out of your Flagship 10 spot. Request the LOI by emailing
  • 7. What is the Flagship 10?
    The Flagship 10 is probably exactly what you think it is…the first 10 bands to activate their LOI & take advantage of A$$ET merch (certain guidelines apply). These bands stand to become iconic…on this first-of-its-kind merch platform. Our Flagship 10 shirt (see image) is to build awareness. As a Flagship 10 band comes onboard, a shirt listing them in their respective 1-10 spot is produced. This design will be made available to each of the Flagship 10. We'll talk later about the revenue from the Flagship 10 merch…we're still deciding how to make this piece the most productive for everyone.
  • 8. BONUS question: how does the word “A$$ET” factor in?
    The answer is really a summary of all the other FAQ’s. Through our proprietary process, your merch is transformed into trackable appreciating assets. And yes, by “appreciating” we mean “GO UP IN VALUE”! Since these trackable assets go up in value, they will be re-sold like artwork or baseball cards. A new day is dawning. Your merch-buying fans will love that they become “Owner Of Record” (see image) & can re-sell. Don’t look away--we’re about to bring it all together & explain the 3rd WHAT from earlier. Remember the “3 WHATS”: 1) more merch sales, 2) more ticket sales, & 3) a new residual revenue. (Next FAQ)
  • 9. Where does the RESIDUAL REVENUE come from?
    Creating RESIDUAL REVENUE for the band is a direct result of our innovative merch platform that makes people Owner Of Record. And the Owner Of Record can be re-assigned during a re-sale...but ONLY via the A$$ET merch app. Watch this.....currently when Bill Smith buys 4 shirts at your show & plans to re-sell 2 of them on Marketplace, he can do that all day long...and your band doesn't make a dime on his re-sale! But now, once A$$ET merch becomes known, if Bill lists his shirt(s) on Marketplace, when Dave Jones sees Bill's shirt(s), here's what will happen. Dave responds to Bill's Marketplace listing & says "Hi Bill, I want to buy your A$$ET merch shirt(s), but we can't do the transaction on Marketplace. We need to swing over to the A$$ET merch app, so when the re-sale is done I'll be the new Owner Of Record. Did you catch that?! We just controlled & corralled re-sales, creating the RESIDUAL REVENUE. The re-sale buyer will DEMAND the transaction be done in the A$$ET merch app, making the buyer the new Owner Of Record. The seller gets the majority of the mark-up. The band & A$$ET merch will share in the rest. And the longer a band has been on our platform, the residual revenue will grow & grow...effortlessly. It just happens.....on auto-pilot.
  • 10. What are the steps to get started with A$$ET merch?
    1-Step path: If you like keeping things easy, and understood the point in FAQ # 7 about "not needing to know the inner working of a Coke machine if you want a soda", then your next step is to request the Letter Of Intent (LOI), review and execute. As we work to secure the needed LOI's to commit to the data management platform "big spend" (see FAQ #6), we will stay in touch--keeping you posted on LOI list growth and progress on the platform build-out. 2-Step path: 1) If you need to understand the inner working, we start with executing the Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement (NDCA). Request the NDCA, we will swiftly prepare it personalized to you/your band. 2) Once we complete the NDCA step, we move to complete the LOI step as above.

A$$ET merch Services

Here’s What We Provide

Design T-Shirts

A Platform for collectors and resales

                          Here For You

- When you acquire A$$ET merch at a concert, you will be linked to our platform as Owner Of Record!  (FAQ #8).

- You can track your assets' appreciation.  As a band sells more A$$ET merch, YOUR asset appreciates (FAQ #8).

- You re-sell through our app, & your buyer becomes the new Owner Of Record, enjoying future appreciation.

Buy & hold, or take short-term gains on your A$$ET!.

The Official Platform

Follow the instructions to get started

COMING SOON!...Download the A$$ET merch app. Create a profile and start your new collection or re-sell what you've bought at a show.

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