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Welcome MERCH LOVERS!!                                   COMING SOON!...
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he A$$ET merch app....register to be notified. 
2. V
ideo overview.

No longer will your concert merch (shirts for starters, then posters) just be...merch!  

As our name suggests, your merch will now be a numbered ASSET (hence A$$ET merch)...with a trackable appreciating value--like artwork in a series.  Not only that, you will be connected to your merch as Owner Of Record (OOR).  You will be able to sell (re-assign) your A$$ET merch to a new OOR, for whom the asset will continue to appreciate.

Here's the basics.  When you purchase merch AT a concert, you become the original OOR of sequentially purchased merch.  When people in the merch line behind you make their purchase, your A$$ET merch has a lower sequential number.    The lower YOUR #, the higher YOUR value goes versus shirts/posters activated after yours.  This also means merch at every concert date will have "shirt/poster #1, 2, 3 etc". early & fast at the show!!

We're dying to know "How is that possible?, or "How does all this work?"  Well, at the moment, since A$$ET merch is in pre-launch, we can't explain much more. 

What we CAN tell you is we have deployed an existing a PROPRIETARY way.  So at this early stage, we have to protect the inner-workings.  But after launch, A$$ET merch will be in the public eye, and our site will no longer have to be annoyingly vague & protective.

            * The first appreciation is from the sequential activation (purchase) at each concert date. 
            * The second appreciation is from a running total of all shirts a band sells since integrating A$$ET merch.

This means there's a #1, 2, 3 shirt PER SHOW DATE....but only one #1 shirt OVERALL.  Slow down, we're telling you there's only 1 OVERALL for a reason.  If you know a band, point them to A$$ET merch so they get up & running...then you can position yourself (insider knowledge of sorts) to get that OVERALL
#1 shirt!

Stick with'll be worth it!  We're making history.

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